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Mia - 3D Real Mink High Volume Lash Set

Mia - 3D Real Mink Lash
3D Real Mink Lash
3D Mink Lashes
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Mia - 3D Real Mink Lash
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Our high volume 3D mink lash pair gives off a dramatic and glamorous look through the radiant volume it provides. These lashes will fuse perfectly on your natural lash line and elevates your look instantly. The criss-cross V shape clusters as a flirty and sexy touch to your eyes while also retaining a natural and plush feel. 

  • High Volume, Medium/High length
  • Demi-Wispies Shape (shorter on the inside corner of lashes)
  • Criss-Cross, Feathered Curl
  • Thin black band for comfortable feel
  • 25 uses

Applying Eyelashes

Step 1

Plan the eyelash application, prepare your eyelash adhesive, tweezers and apply mascara now if you plan on using it with the lashes.

Step 2

Open the packaging of the eyelash set gently, remove the eyelashes from the packaging. Remove the eyelashes from the plastic tray by pulling from the base of the eyelash (the thin black band) using tweezers. Pull from a corner of the eyelash for the easiest and safest removal.

Step 3 (Optional):

Compare your natural lash line to the eyelash set, and use eyebrow scissors to adjust the length of the eyelashes. We advise you be extremely careful while performing this step and make sure you leave some length of the eyebrow to get the full effect.

Step 4:

Hold up eyelashes and then apply the eyelash adhesive on the band. Make sure the glue is spread evenly, give the glue around 20 seconds to dry.

Step 5:

Gently place eyelash down over your natural eyelash line. Give the eyelash a pinch to make sure it’s applied on correctly. We recommend putting eyelashes over

Removing Eyelashes

With Lash Remover

Step 1 :

Apply the remover solution to cotton swabs.

Step 2:

Hold a cotton swab above the eyelash strip and hold one below the eyelash strip. Massage the two swabs together and the lashes will come off.

Without Lash Remover

Step 1:

Using tweezers gently tug at the eyelash band at the inner corner of the eyelash.

Step 2:

Continue slowly working outward by tugging on the band until you've completely taken the eyelash off, be patient with this step.

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