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Manic Panic Blue Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 30 Vol

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Manic Panic_ Hair Bleach Kit 30Vol
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Manic Panic Blue Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 30 Vol
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  • Gently tones hair as it lifts, conditioning formula, gentle and effective lift.
  • The blue toned powder helps to gently neutralize warm tones in the hair during the lightening process.
  • Use to pre-lighten hair prior to the use of Manic Panic® hair colors. Vegan formula, contains vegetable protein, made in the USA, all-inclusive kit.
  • One Bleaching Kit is enough product for short hair of average thickness up to 4 inches in length.
  • Multiple kits will be required for longer hair - about one kit for every 4-5 inches of hair length.

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