8 common skincare mistakes to avoid

8 common skincare mistakes to avoid

Skincare is a crucial part of our daily routine. Regardless of your gender or age, it is important that you incorporate a consistent skincare routine as nobody’s skin is immune to sun damage, wrinkles or various other issues that affect millions of people around the world.

Yet with so many steps, options, and products, it can be easy to make a mistake that may aggravate your skin further. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure you’re avoiding these common skincare mistakes so that you’re en route to clearer and more beautiful skin!

1. Not performing a patch test

Not performing patch test

If you’re having skin issues, it’s tempting to just apply all your new skincare products right away and continue doing so on a daily basis. However, this is not recommended. Remember, everyone’s skin type is different and will react differently to different products. If a product works for one person, it may not work for you. What might work initially, could also adversely affect you a couple of weeks in.

That’s why a patch test is always recommended to see if your skin agrees with the product. Alternatively, you start slow by using any new product just two or three times a week before gradually increasing the frequency if you’re not experiencing any redness, itching or irritation.

2. Applying products in the wrong order

Applying products in the wrong order

Another skincare mistake you need to avoid is using various skincare products in the wrong order. Doing so will be a waste of your product and money as the wrong order could effectively cancel out the effects of your various serums, cleansers or moisturizers.

Just remember this key order; the cleanser comes first, then your toner/exfoliant (if applicable), your serums, a moisturizer and finally sunscreen or SPF (for your AM routine).

3. Using too many products

Using too many products

It’s important to remember that less is more. Using a number of skin care products seems like an ideal solution; you’re using a range of different ingredients to combat your skin issues. Surely, it’ll work, right? At the same time, this can be problematic. For one, if you’re experiencing a reaction or irritation, it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing it. The same applies if you’re not seeing any results. How do you know which product to replace or drop?

More than that, you are also unnecessarily spending more money and time. Today, many products come with multiple active ingredients. Serums come with multiple active ingredients, moisturizers come with SPF and the list goes on. Many have found that keeping their skin care routine simple and sweet attains more results.

4. Over exfoliating

Over exfoliating

We get it. There's no better feeling than having a stellar exfoliating session as your skin feels smooth and seamless with all the impurities and pores being scrubbed away. At the same time, the protective layer of our skin is also scrubbed in the process which affects the skin's barrier. This can be extremely detrimental as it exposes your skin to pollutants, sun damage, and can affect the appearance of your skin.

Limit the number of times you exfoliate in a week and if you must, go for a gentle exfoliant. While exfoliating is part of a skincare routine, it’s also not necessarily a mandatory addition as many tend to just go with their cleansers, moisturizers and SPF products.

5. Not cleaning your sponges or brushes

Not cleaning your sponges or brushes

Whether it’s your serums or makeup, it’s likely you are choosing to apply them with sponges or brushes. But don’t make the mistake of reusing these same tools forever without cleaning them up at least once a week. Sponges or brushes don’t only hold product residue, but also any debris, oils, dead skin cells, and dust they catch when making contact with your skin.

Now imagine putting that on your face the next morning. Or worse, putting that on your product when you’re looking to apply a fresh batch? Instead, make sure to wash your sponges and brushes right away and give them a proper deep cleaning at least once a week.

6. Going to bed without cleaning your face

Going to bed without cleaning your face

This is a big no-no. After a long day at work or if you’re back home late from a special occasion or party, it can be tempting to just hit the sack and enjoy the comfort of your pillow and comforter. However, you really should use a cleanser on your face or at the very least, give it a wash with water. Sleeping without washing your face opens up a potential breeding ground for debris, oil, and bacteria. That’s especially the case if you have oily or combination skin to begin with.

Let’s not forget that if you’ve put on makeup or sunscreen and neglect to wash it off, you can clog your pores which can cause acne breakouts as well as whiteheads. It’s okay to skip one night here and there, but definitely make it a regular habit to clean your face before going to bed.

7. Skipping SPF

Skipping SPF

Many of us are guilty of this and only start when it’s too late. However, not using sunscreen every day might be the biggest skin care mistake one can make. Unless you literally live under a rock, you will be exposed to the sun not only because you will go outside, but because you simply need the sun to survive.

With that said, too much time in the sun means exposing our skin to UV rays which can damage our skin in the long term. It can lead to sunburn, rosacea, damaged skin and in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer. Wearing good sunscreen that has an SPF 30+ or using a moisturizer with SPF in the morning is imperative even if you don’t plan on going outside. Remember, UV rays can penetrate the skin even through the window without the sun’s warmth touching you!

8. Not remaining consistent with skincare routine

Not remaining consistent with skincare routine

Finally, one major skincare mistake is not remaining consistent. You need to keep in mind that results aren’t expected overnight. In fact, they aren’t even expected over the course of a month. They can take as long as three to six months, and in some cases, depending on how severe the skin issue is, as long as a year to resolve! Patience is key and if you stick with a consistent routine, you are bound to see results in the long term!


As important as having a skincare routine is having a correct one, and if you make sure you’re avoiding these eight biggest skincare mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to having the skin you can be proud of!

Oct 4th 2022

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